"My greatest challenge is to always be better than the previous time"

My specialty is Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. However, upon request I do perform excellent dishes from any type of cuisine. Some of my best-reviewed dishes are

Mousaka, my mother’s recipe with my twist probably the best you will ever try.

Rabbit stew with baby onions.

Slow cooked octopus with red wine, petimezi grapes and fava beans.

Fried feta with thyme honey, beetroots and sesame.

Greek pancakes with cinnamon and honey.

Chocolate souffle.

Pavlova with grapes and masticha cream.

Keftedakia with mint (Fried meatballs).

Spinach pie with manouri and feta cheese.

Stuffed sea bass with “Avgotaracho” the Greek bottarga and herbs.

Breakfast with pita bread, feta, tomato and Mykonian Lountza.

Baklava with pistachio and walnuts.

Homemade tomato bread.

Stuffed tomatos with rice, pine nuts and  raisins.

Slow cooked lamb in the oven with rosemary and lemon.