"My greatest challenge is to always be better than the previous time"

My specialty is Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. However, upon request I do perform excellent dishes from any type of cuisine. Some of my best-reviewed dishes are

Mousaka. Mother’s recipe with a twist!

Risotto with black truffle & mushroom.

Beef fillet with juniper berries.

Fried feta with thyme honey, beetroots and sesame.

Salt baked fish with fresh herbs.

Chocolate souffle.

Pavlova with masticha cream and berries 



Keftedakia with mint (Fried meatballs).

Greek salad carob, kritamo and feta cheese 

Stuffed sea bass with “Avgotaracho” the Greek bottarga and herbs.

Caesar Salad

Greek yogurt cheesecake with lime and strawberries 

Spinach pie with homemade phyllo

Sea bass ceviche 

Tomato fritters with garlic yogurt sauce